Are you well versed in the art of relationships? 

Do you have experience?

Share your knowledge with others!

What is the purpose of  our  keep the fire burning services?

 Rare Diamond provides one to one sessions, workshops and events to thrash out a variety of common misconceptions, for example:

>   How do you address intimate disputes?

>   How can you maintain positive communicate with your partner?

>   How do you address a declining relationship?

>   How can you improve the quality of your sex life?

>   Does size matter? If so what can be done?

Our services assist clients to evaluate effective solutions to address a variety of relationship and intimate challenges. Our goal is to provide support and advice so that you can improve the quality of your relationship.

Outreach keep the fire burning workshops events and discussions.


Are you among a group of associates that enjoy being open minded and frank about intimate matters? Why not arrange a keep the fire burning group discussion? For more information or bookings email us or leave a message along with your contact details.

Rare Diamond's relationship book

The Sexual Reminisces relationship book was created to support the keep the fire burning services. The intention is to provide a complete personal development support package for those who desire a strong loving relationship.  The book incorporates, true life experiences with a raunchy twist for couples and singletons. The final section shares general relationship advice regarding the do’s and the don’ts, the emotional impact and effective solutions. 



Sexual Reminisces is available to purchase, email me on the contact page to purchase your copy. 

Rare Diamond runs a variety of workshops and services housed by Through knowledge gain power Ltd, this is a none-profitable personal development and relationship service.  For more information visit


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