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The Sexual Reminisces book. 

Many people say, 'Rare Diamond why did you write 'Sexual Reminisces', you are a relationship and personal development consultant, I mean it is a bit extreme isn’t it?' 

Indeed these individuals raise a valid point so let me clarify my reasoning. Besides the fact that sex is an important element in a sexual relationship, I wrote the 'Sexual Reminisces' book to facilitate an extensive personal development support package because our relationships, our lifestyle and our emotions are harmonious. So if you follow a destructive path in any of these fields, turbulence will appear and the road to recovery is likely to be laborious. 

'Sexual Reminisces' is a three bound volume handy book that delves into a range of taboo areas correlating to sexual matters. This book welcomes you to a kaleidoscope of sensual escapades and sexual reminisces. Packed with educational entertainment, incorporating guidance, fun, excitement and tips for all readers.

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